Move fast and break things

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fb_likeIt’s been an exhilarating week jam-packed with excitement and lots of moments of complete awesomeness! I can’t fully describe what an amazing experience this first week at Facebook as an intern has been but I’ll try my best. By the time I landed in San Francisco, I had been awake for about 24 hours and travelling throughout so I was very tired. After grabbing my bags, I hopped on the first available cab and set out for Mountain View. I noticed how open and different everything was from what I had been seeing for the past few months – bigger roads, people driving on the right side, mountains in the horizon… I started chatting with the cab driver, and it didn’t take me long to figure out that public transportation is going to be a huge bummer. Especially after being spoiled by the convenience of getting around in London. But I was ready to adjust accordingly.

Hard Work

Written by Waseem Ahmad. Posted in Blog, Computer Science, Studying Abroad

Hard WorkIt’s finally the end of term! What an exhilarating time! The last entire month has been a roller-coaster ride of the work hard play hard ethic. I knew I had to stop my weekend escapades as there were only three more weeks left till the end of term and I had a lot of coursework due for two of my modules which would eat away my time. It was time to work hard.

For my databases module, my teammates and I had to finish my carpooling web application and make sure it fulfilled certain requirements. This coursework was due on March 15, on the second last Friday of lectures. The entrepreneurship coursework was due the following Thursday. I had to submit a full-fledged portfolio consisting of a business venture proposition with a business plan, financials, marketing research, prototypes, customer development, pitch video, and powerpoint deck for investors. Needless to say, I worked every waking hour for the next two weeks trying to juggle different assignments and projects.