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Last Month in London

Written by Waseem Ahmad. Posted in Blog, Studying Abroad

As I wait in the boarding lounge in Miami International Airport, I watch the airplanes fly away into the sky behind the clouds. One plane lands as another takes off and this goes on at an impressive speed. It’s an amazing feat of mankind! The comforts and amenities we are able to enjoy sitting tons of metal flying 10x faster than we drive. As soon as the airplane navigates and parks next to the terminal, multiple teams immediately get to work around the plane. Cabin supplies and food is being restocked while used up containers are taken out. The airplane is being refueled and I see the pilot come out and inspect the front landing tire. I wonder what’s up with that. Several bins of USPS mail are carouseled out of the airplane and checked in bags are transported to the airport as the passengers from the flight come in through the terminal. The entire plane is being serviced and prepared for the next flight within 30 minutes. It goes to show how well organized airports and airlines are to ensure on-time flights and smooth operation.