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Once Again a Freshman

Written by Waseem Ahmad. Posted in Blog

Almost 4 years ago, I packed all of my belongings in my car and showed up to Rice University in Houston not knowing a soul over here. College life sounded very exciting to me from the time I started reading Harry Potter among other books. Little did I know that I would find Rice just as magical as Harry found Hogwarts!

I read How to Win at College by Cal Newport during freshman year which has 75 chapters each of which focuses on a habit or approach on how to make the best of your time at college. Today I went through the list and I’m glad to say that I did almost everything on that list.

I have grown so much intellectually and professionally. I found a discipline that I grew to love and become very passionate about. I had the chance to form new legacies at Rice through my leadership with the Rice Computer Science Club.

But what I really cherish is the lifelong friendships that I’ve made and the amazing memories that I’ve formed during my time at Rice. Thank you everyone who has made me into who I am today. I feel forever indebted to Rice and part of its community. I hope to actively engage as an alum and remain in touch.

In full circle, I have packed all of my belongings in my car and I’m about to drive away from Houston. In this new chapter that is the rest of my life, I am now a freshman again.