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Waseem Ahmad

I love technology! I love how it improves our lives by allowing us to instantly communicate with people across the globe, access tremendous amounts of data in an instant, and produce and consume meaningful information. Computers give you the power to take tasks of enormous size and complexity and simplify them. I find computing very exciting and challenging which is why I'm working at Facebook as a Software Engineer. I recently completed my Bachelors in Computer Science from Rice University.

I've moved a lot as I grew up. So I've lived in 8 different cities across the world and hope to live in and travel to many more. Currently, I live in San Francisco, CA. When I'm not working or exercising at the gym, I'm always ready for an adventure! I love coffee, good conversations, movies, biking, reading, writing, flying remote control aircrafts, and most of all, the company of good friends.

Home (Sweet) Home

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PakistanI feel as if I’m going through purgatory right now. Is addiction to the Internet possible? It’s been a particularly frustrating day for me as my Internet went out this morning right as I began a conference call with a few people in US. For my nature of work, I find constant access to high speed internet incredibly important. But it’s not just the lack of Internet that really frustrates me, but also terrible customer service, lack of healthy competition among Internet providers, and a general sense of apathy. I’m currently using my cell phone’s connection to check essential email and write back to people. In the bigger picture of Pakistan though, a good Internet infrastructure is the least of the country’s worries. I’m here for a week to visit my parents and it is shocking to see the country from an outsider’s perspective.

Hard Work

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Hard WorkIt’s finally the end of term! What an exhilarating time! The last entire month has been a roller-coaster ride of the work hard play hard ethic. I knew I had to stop my weekend escapades as there were only three more weeks left till the end of term and I had a lot of coursework due for two of my modules which would eat away my time. It was time to work hard.

For my databases module, my teammates and I had to finish my carpooling web application and make sure it fulfilled certain requirements. This coursework was due on March 15, on the second last Friday of lectures. The entrepreneurship coursework was due the following Thursday. I had to submit a full-fledged portfolio consisting of a business venture proposition with a business plan, financials, marketing research, prototypes, customer development, pitch video, and powerpoint deck for investors. Needless to say, I worked every waking hour for the next two weeks trying to juggle different assignments and projects.